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Debunking Budget Decorating Myths

By Anne Reagan
Budget Decorating Expert

Updated September 24, 2015.

Decorating your home, both inside and out, can be done on a budget. Of course, everyone’s idea of how much money to spend on decor may differ, but the fact is, you should be able to beautifully decorate your home without overspending. Let’s take a look at some common budget decorating myths.

You have to shop at a garage sale or flea market: False

Although a garage sale, yard sale or flea market are abound with low-cost decor, this isn’t the only place to shop for a bargain.

Garage sales can be a good place to score a nearly free object but don’t expect to find any discarded antiques or hidden values. It can be a good place to find inexpensive books or vases but because things are really cheap, you may end up buying more things you don’t need. If you really need a piece of furniture or something that is brand new, try one of the many inexpensive stores, or online sites.

And many online sites offer low-price guarantees on their goods.

You have to forgo authentic design: False

Some designer pieces are expensive, that’s really just the nature of paying for a unique design. The additional cost is often due to the fact that you aren’t buying something that’s produced at any type of economy of scale, and you may be paying for the design process, distribution and patents. But don’t worry, you can find unique, authentic pieces that aren’t very expensive. Ikea has always been a place to find designer goods for minimal money. They employ designers to come up with unique pieces for their customers yet because the designers are focused on the economics of production and shipping, the costs are low.

You can also find relative bargains for home decor at local craft fairs or art markets. These are usually filled with artists who have handcrafted their wares and are interested in selling goods directly to the customer. What you don’t end up paying for at these local fairs is shipping and distribution.

Bonus: you get to meet the artist!

You can’t collect precious objects: False

You may not be able to afford a collection of Faberge eggs however you can collect precious objects within your price range. A collection should be purchased thoughtfully over time. Even a budget-conscious collector will spend lots of time researching and hunting, and less time actually buying. If there are pieces you’d love to have but simply can’t afford, add them to your birthday wish list. Or put a notice out to your network and see if anyone has what you want and is willing to part with it for a decent price point. Here’s a tip for antique hunters: you spend the most money going to an actual antique store. It’s better to look near and far rather than just head to the store. What’s great about having a unique collection is that the pieces in your collection can be used for all sorts of decoration projects around the home.

You can’t take on bigger home projects: False

Although you may spend more money on updating your kitchen than other budget decor projects, you can make a major impact with minimal investment. Take the kitchen for example. The average low-end kitchen remodel costs about $19,000 (which sounds like a lot of money but is in fact quite low compared to a high-end kitchen remodel which averages out at $113,000). There are many upgrades that can be made over time that add beauty and value. Budget friendly projects that have big impact? Switching out the draw or door pulls, repainting walls, updating the pendant lights, updating the electrical outlets, installing a new backsplash or upgrading the sink.


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