New Combo! 10 Quadrillion Hell Bank Note Set of 5 (V2)


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The most humongous Ancestor Money in the world! 

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These hell bank notes feature an image of the Jade Emperor, the presiding monarch of heaven in Taoism. The notes are used to burn for the ‘Hell Gods,’ offering them monetary distraction so they will leave mortals at peace. They are also commonly burned in Asia as offerings for ancestors and requests for blessings of prosperity and good fortune.

Color/Style: Assorted
Condition: Brand New in Package
Material: Rice Paper
Size: 1st Hell Bank Note: Paper: 25 inch x 11.8 inch (Super Giant!)
2nd Hell Bank Note: Paper: 18.75 inch x 9.25 inch
3rd Hell Bank Note: Paper: 17.2 inch x 9.8 inch
4th Hell Bank Note: Paper: 17 inch x 9.2 inch
5th Hell Bank Note: Paper: 17.2 inch x 10.6 inch
Weight: +-1000g for 108pcs (1 set)
1st Hell Bank Note: 15 sheets
2nd Hell Bank Note: 25 sheets
3rd Hell Bank Note: 23 sheets
4th Hell Bank Note: 25 sheets
5th Hell Bank Note: 23 sheets

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